Top Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges Ranking 2022


Today we will not only talk about the criteria that you should pay attention to when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange, but also the best of them.

The cryptocurrency market is getting more and more popular, and at the same time, like mushrooms after the rain, new platforms for trading coins appear on it. It's getting more and more delicate not to get confused about their diversity. accordingly, the moment we will talk about what you should pay attention to when choosing a particular platform and give our own standing of the best cryptocurrency exchanges.

But first, we advise you to decide whether you need a crypto exchange as best. Best exchanges are necessary when you want to trade cryptocurrencies on an ongoing basis. However, it's best to use a regular exchanger, If your thing is to exchange coins for edict money- time. Do you still need a crypto exchange? Also, this article is for you.

What to look for when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange

You may not have allowed about it before, but now the key factor in choosing a crypto exchange has come to its policy towards Russians. Some cryptocurrency exchanges have decided to join the multitudinous warrants against Russia and have already blazoned the freezing of accounts of Russians. But indeed if this has not happed yet, carefully monitor the sanctioned statements of representatives of crypto- exchanges-they may contain hints about the imminent blocking of accounts of Russian residents.

Therefore, the BTC-Alpha crypto exchange stopped working with Russian users, the KUNA platform turned off trading in ruble dyads and closed the input and affair of the Russian currency, Coinbase blocked over addresses associated with Russian individualities or legal realities that, according to the company, are engaged in illegal conditioning, and the CEX IO platform has suspended the enrollment of new druggies from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. In addition, on March 18, a bill was submitted to the US Congress, which involves the duty of warrants against foreign crypto exchanges cooperating with Russian legal realities. And, thus, in the future, the number of crypto-exchanges unfriendly to Russians may increase.

  • Site lifetime: Give preference to moment-tested exchanges, we don't need one-day companies.

  • Liquidity and trading volume: The larger the exchange, the more working users on it, and the easier it'll be to work on it. Large crypto exchanges serve a larger number of dyads, it's easier and faster to sell or buy the necessary coins on them. Don't forget that the more users on it, the lesser the credibility of the exchange itself.

  • Comprehensive information about the exchange: Reliable cryptocurrency exchanges always give detailed information about themselves and their authors.

  • Sizes of commissions and payments: There are commissions on nearly any major exchange, the only difference is in their size. And other effects being equal, choose a lower “ greedy” crypto exchange.

  • Tools offered by the exchange: We aren't talking about cryptocurrency dyads, but about trading instruments — from those familiar from any classic exchange stop- loss or trading with influence to specific staking, savings and lending. Choose an exchange with the tools you need.

  • User Reviews: Be sure to read the user reviews of the crypto exchange you plan to use. And, of course, look for the best reviews not on the exchange website, but in independent sources.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Rating

In our rating, we tried to take into account all these parameters and select the most dependable and proven crypto currency exchanges for you.

1) Binance


One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges not only offers over 600 trading pairs, but so has its own blockchain design incubator, broadcasts live about the world of cryptocurrencies, and offers many related services. The exchange is relatively pious to the Russians and has already annunciated that it'll not block Russian users, with the exception of those who fall under individual warrants.

The daily development of the exchange exceeds $1 billion, and at its peak, it reached $4 billion. The platform offers a multilingual interface (including Russian), has applications for Android and iOS, and supports P2P trading, and spot and futures trading. Then you can take a loan, put coins on a deposit and much further. In general, this platform can be called the standard of what a cryptocurrency exchange should be.

Binance uses a flexible fee system that's directly dependent on your development and funds. For ordinary users, the commission figure for trading operations is limited to 0.1% of the lowest rate among all exchanges. The commission for spot trading is set at 25%, and for trading USDS-M futures is set at 10%.



Our top cryptocurrency exchanges are continued by EXMO, one of the many exchanges that directly stated that they would not block Russians unless individual allowances were imposed on them. The platform also supports the Russian language and offers adjustable trading options. Depending on your preferences, you can make transactions in one click or get the full range of cryptocurrency trading features.

EXMO has over 26 thousand active traders and is considered the largest crypto exchange in Eastern Europe. The site has 186 currency dyads in its magazine, and its daily development reaches BTC. EXMO allows periphery trading with leverage and offers an intriguing referral program-you'll receive 25 of the commission for trading operations of referrals and 40 of the commission for their operations in dyads with EXMO. In this case, the reward will be credited the next day after the prosecution of the transaction of the user you attracted.

EXMO has a flexible system of commission payments, which in any case doesn't exceed0.1 of the transaction. The advanced your development, the lower the commission. And when buying an EXMO Premium package, it can indeed drop to zero. There's also a cashback then, which allows you to return up to 116 of the commission paid on EXMO.

3) OKX

OKX (formerly OKEx)

OKX began in 2017 and registered in Malta. It's also one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, offering over 500 trading dyads and is especially pious to newcomers. New clients of the exchange can receive up to $22 in cryptocurrency as a gift, and if you aren't at each confident in your capacities, you can test yourself on a rally account.

OKX has not yet made any official statements about its policy regarding the assets of Russians but has not been seen blocking their accounts. Although the fact that it doesn't give its services to US citizens inspires a certain optimism, it may easily claim to be one of the leaders in the rating of cryptocurrency exchanges for Russia. At the same time, the exchange doesn't require identity verification when replenishing an account, but withdrawing funds above a certain amount is no longer necessary.

OKX charges fees of 0.8% and 0.1% (for makers and takers) when trading barters, but the more finances you have in your balance, the lower the freights will be. When trading futures, perpetual barters and options, the commission starts from 0.05%.

4) Huobi Global

Huobi Global

It's one of the three largest cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of the trading volume. Huobi was founded in 2013 in China and has not yet annunciated any warrants against the accounts of Russians, and the liability of such a development of events is most likely minimum.

The crypto exchange has over 600 trading dyads, and its daily trading volume today exceeds $4 billion. It supports spot and futures trading with leverage, allows you to snappily exchange coins for edict, and indeed has its own free trading bot, and the Education section has a lot of intriguing articles for newcomers.


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