Wireless NBN Plans - Top 5 Things to Renters Need to Consider

When you're renting a place, you need to take into account many effects before you subscribe to any type of NBN plan. This is especially true when it comes to wireless NBN plans, as there are many extra considerations that need to be made. Below are six effects that renters need to consider before they sign up for a wireless NBN plan.

1) Make sure that you have an adequate internet plan:

Just because you're renting doesn’t mean that you should scrimp on your internet plan. In fact, many renters need a high-bandwidth connection in order to do effects like streaming HD video or gaming online. Make sure that you get an applicable internet plan for your requirements, and that your rental agreement reflects that.

2) Check the availability of NBN in your area

Not all areas are serviced by NBN just yet, so you’ll need to do a quick check to see if it’s available in your neighbourhood. You can do this by visiting the NBN website and typing in your address.

3) Consider your data caps

Most wireless NBN plans advance with a data cap, which is the amount of data that you're allowed to use each month. Be sure to consider how important data you'll need, and whether or not you suppose you'll exceed your monthly cap.

4) Factor in installation costs

Installing NBN can be expensive, depending on the type of plan that you choose. For example, FTTN and HFC connections can cost up to $300, while FTTP can cost up to $400. This is because a technician needs to come out and physically connect you'r home to the network. Nonetheless, for home wireless NBN plans, there's generally no installation cost but just make sure to factor this in when budgeting for your new NBN plan.

5) Consider the length of your contract

Many wireless NBN plans come with a 12 or 24-month contract, so be sure to consider how long you want to be locked into a plan. Nonetheless, there are some no-contract options available if you don’t want to be tied down. Most renters should avoid long contracts if they can help it, however. This can be attributed to the fact that renters are more likely to move than homeowners.

For more information on wireless NBN plans, be sure to check out this website.


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