15 BEST File Sharing Websites Online in 2022 (Free & Paid)

File sharing sites provide services to access digital media like photos, videos, documents, etc., from anywhere to its users. These apps will facilitate you to transfer large files easily. Some file-sharing services provide advanced link sharing features like password protection, link expiration, and authorization to look at, edit, and download a file.

Well, it's the start of a new year, and it’s time to upload social media with new images, videos of the routine of our lives, or the trends and fads that captured our imagination. I know, a bit like me, you all are too excited about uploading and file sharing your favourite moments of the past year.

And why not? in any case, one trend which took the company world by storm and doesn’t seem to die down anytime soon is file-sharing networks. The file-sharing industry showed exponential growth in 2019 as corporate giants, and small entrepreneurs alike embraced this technology wholeheartedly. And this trend will only intensify further in 2022. But with a dime a dozen file-sharing websites available out there immediately, which do you have to choose? So with the sort of impetus laid on this technology, it's only fair that we start this year by staring at the ten best file sharing websites of 2022.

Benefits of Cloud File Sharing: You improve accessibility to files. you may be ready to access, edit, and share files easily from anywhere. It also helps in recovering the lost files. These services improve collaboration. you'll be able to easily share large files.

Cons of Sile Sharing Programs: Data Security is an integral part of file-sharing programs. If there aren't any proper security measures then there's the next risk of viruses or malware from a remote file. After sharing the file, sometimes it's difficult to trace the file but few platforms provide advanced features like restricting the number of downloads or setting an expiration date.

Top File Sharing Websites

1) Sync:

Sync.com is a secure cloud storage website with document collaboration features. It lets internal teams, external partners, clients, and clients unite together. It makes files accessible on computers, mobile bias, and the web. For secure training, collaboration,Sync.com provides an installation to create centralized folders and manage their permissions.

[button color="red" size="medium" link="https://Sync.com" icon="" target="true" nofollow="false"]More Information[/button]

2) WeaUpload:

Weaupload.com is the best file-sharing website, which has been in the game for a while now. You can upload and share from any format of software, audio, video, photos, doc files and other files can be shared, you will get a dedicated link for your files to share with other people. You want the best file uploading website for file sharing, and you want them to be free. The offers free unlimited storage space website allows you to sync files and folders, but the download feature is ad-supported. So you have to contend with advertisements before downloading begins. It provides secured updates.

[button color="red" size="medium" link="https://weaupload.com" icon="" target="true" nofollow="false"]More Information[/button]

3) Mega:

Mega is a file storage and file hosting service provided. This offers free 50GB of storage space and Uploads or downloads 1 GB of data every 6 hours file-sharing website allows you to sync files and folders. Mega is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

[button color="red" size="medium" link="https://mega.io/" icon="" target="true" nofollow="false"]More Information[/button]

4) pCloud:

pCloud is a secure and simple to use cloud storage for your documents, photos, video and other files. This site allows you to share files with your employee, friends, and relatives. pCloud will keep your private files confidential. It provides the highest level of encryption. This period varies according to the plan. This is 15 days for a free plan and 30 days for paid plans.

[button color="red" size="medium" link="https://www.pcloud.com/" icon="" target="true" nofollow="false"]More Information[/button]

5) OneDrive

OneDrive is a popular file storage and synchronization, service provider. It is available for free worldwide having a Microsoft account. OneDrive is an app that can be used to sync files on a Mobiles, Windows PC, iOS device or Mac operating system.

[button color="red" size="medium" link="https://www.microsoft.com/en-ww/microsoft-365/onedrive/online-cloud-storage" icon="" target="true" nofollow="false"]More Information[/button]

6) Google Drive

Google Drive is offers free online file storage provided by Google. The service syncs stored files, videos, photos, and across all the user's computers, tablets, iOS devices and mobile devices. It offers 15-GB of free space.

[button color="red" size="medium" link="https://www.google.com/drive/" icon="" target="true" nofollow="false"]More Information[/button]

7) Dropbox

Dropbox is a file storage service providing personal, cloud storage and client software. It is designed to support your projects whether you are working alone or in a team. The platform will give you centralized team content, and team collaboration anytime & anywhere, and can transform your folders.

[button color="red" size="medium" link="https://www.dropbox.com/" icon="" target="true" nofollow="false"]More Information[/button]

8) Box

Box is a platform for file hosting and sharing services. It is one of the best file-sharing sites available for Windows, macOS and mobile platforms. You can use Windows Explorer or Mac Finder to search for the file you want quickly. It provides functionalities for teams as well as individuals.

[button color="red" size="medium" link="https://www.box.com/en-gb/drive" icon="" target="true" nofollow="false"]More Information[/button]

9) iDrive

IDrive provides a service for online data backup. This service is available to all your Computer and Mobile devices users. Its also allows you to upload or download files with up to 10 GB of storage.

[button color="red" size="medium" link="https://www.idrive.com/idrive/signup" icon="" target="true" nofollow="false"]More Information[/button]

10) Yandex Disk

Yandex is a cloud storage service provides that allows the user's to store files and share them with others. The Yandex disk is available on Windows, macOS and Linux. It is available in two plans Annual and Monthly subscriptions. Yandex Disk is a simple and reliable cloud solution for storing all kinds of files: photos, videos and documents.

[button color="red" size="medium" link="https://disk.yandex.com/" icon="" target="true" nofollow="false"]More Information[/button]

11) MediaFire

MediaFire is a free file storage and synchronization service. It is the best free file sharing service that provides an easy-to-use solution for managing digital stuff online as well as for storing photos, documents, music, and videos. MediaFire can be used for Mobies, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows, OSX, Web, Android and others. It can be used to back up your files with 10GB of free space. With bonuses, it could be up to 50GB for free.

[button color="red" size="medium" link="https://www.mediafire.com/" icon="" target="true" nofollow="false"]More Information[/button]

12) MiMedia

MiMedia is a cloud based storage service that allows you to manage. It helps you to curate your personalized collection. All your photos, videos, music and documents are accessible, organized and safe on all devices for you to enjoy and share. Enjoy instant access to free: 2,500 photos, 125 videos, 2,000 songs, and10,000 documents....

[button color="red" size="medium" link="http://www.mimedia.com/" icon="" target="true" nofollow="false"]More Information[/button]

13) Onehub

Onehub is a better way to securely store and share your files for businesses. It will allow you to upload folders through a drag-and-drop interface. Make your cloud storage solution look and feel the way you want.

[button color="red" size="medium" link="https://www.onehub.com/" icon="" target="true" nofollow="false"]More Information[/button]

14) FileWhopper

FileWhopper could be a simple, quick and hassle-free service for sharing files and folders of any size online. The service includes a really simple interface and no monthly fees you pay just for what you send and nothing on top of it.

FileWhopper is additionally great for sharing sensitive or confidential files, because it uses zero-knowledge encryption for all data sent through the service. It lets you pause your upload or download at any time and saves the progress just in case your Internet goes down or your computer suddenly restarts. FileWhopper supports simultaneous uploads and downloads, which may save time after you are sending large files.

[button color="red" size="medium" link="http://www.mimedia.com/" icon="" target="true" nofollow="false"]More Information[/button]

15) ShareFile

ShareFile is easy to use, send and sync. It accesses and file shares all your video, software, audio, documents in a single click. Easily access, send and sync. No cumbersome FTP, CDs or thumb drives required.

[button color="red" size="medium" link="https://www.sharefile.com/" icon="" target="true" nofollow="false"]More Information[/button]


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