Fake Email Addresses Online Can Help Protect Your Privacy

If you have ever searched for a product online, you know it doesn't take long before targeted ads show up on your screen for the exact item you were trying to find. While companies can track your searches, what they really want to get their hands on is your personal email address so that they can send offers to your inbox.

When you join up for services or to do to urge a discount online, chances are you're asked for your e-mail address. If you give it out, you'll get e-mails you do not want and end up on spam mailing lists. To protect your privacy and limit spam, there are now websites that generate temporary or fake e-mails which will be used once so discarded.

Big tech companies are sharing details about almost everything you are doing on the net which includes what you search, the websites you visit and therefore the people you connect with online, and, according to Consumer Reports, the first way they do this can be with your email address. if you would like to limit spam and protect your privacy, you will want to do an alternative or fakesmail service.

There are a lot of these tools and they all work differently, but basically, they give you an alternate email that is not linked to the identity that you have. just can plugin when you’re signing up on a new website. This generates a random, unique fake email address for users. Then, any e-mails from that website will be forwarded to your inbox without them ever knowing your real address.

The upside is you get the e-mails you would like without being tracked. FakesMail offers allows users to make up to unlimited fake e-mail addresses for free. And then there are the unlimited temporary email services that give you an email inbox that you can use, then it destroys itself after about ten minutes.

For most temporary e-mail services, you mustn’t even create an account. FakesMail is a popular service.

Websites like these could come in handy if you’re asked for an e-mail address to get a second online discount or an e-mail is required for a service you only plan to use once. An added bonus of using any fake or temporary email address is that you'll end up with less spam in your original inbox.

While a fake or temporary e-mail can help reduce unwanted e-mails that you receive, you must always use your real e-mail address in any correspondence with your bank, doctor or if you're receiving concert tickets or boarding passes.


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