15 Best WordPress Plugins for Marketers

Are you seeking out the most effective WordPress plugins for marketers? Whether you are new marketing or an old pro, having the correct set of plugins can up your game and increase your chances of success. From building killer landing pages to perfecting your SEO, we all know exactly what tools you need.

WordPress plugins can help marketers their goals, such as increasing sales and attracting more website traffic. You'll be able to also use plugins to automate marketing workflows and optimize your site for search engines.

1) Rank Math

Rank Math is a top best SEO plugin for WordPress sites and its popularity has been very increasing recently. The proposal is to produce more free features than those offered in Yoast SEO and every one in One SEO Pack. It tightly integrates with Google Search Console to bring you essential information right inside your WordPress admin dashboard. Information like what keywords you're ranking for, how many search impressions your website is getting, what errors Google sees on your site, etc.

Apart from that, Rank Math comes with Rank Tracking, 404 Monitor, Email Reports, redirects, Keyword Optimization, Rich Snippets, Local Business SEO, Sitemaps,  Image SEO, Internal Link Building and much more.

[button color="red" size="medium" link="https://wordpress.org/plugins/seo-by-rank-math/" icon="" target="true" nofollow="false"]Rank Math Plugin[/button]

2) Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO reigns supreme because of the king WordPress SEO plugin. it's what we use here on the Kinsta blog. With an astounding ‎27,476 votes at the time of this post, Yoast continues to wow the WordPress world with impressive updates, a beautiful interface, and the most user-friendly option for creating your blog posts and products pages stand out.

This offers more advanced features like keyword optimization for five keywords per page, preview your page will seem like on Twitter and Facebook, and internal link suggestions for sending users to other locations on your website. keep in mind that that’s a small portion of the premium features provided.

[button color="red" size="medium" link="https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-seo/" icon="" target="true" nofollow="false"]Yoast SEO Plugin[/button]

3) All in One SEO Plugin

All in One SEO Plugin is the best SEO plugin for WordPress. More than 3 million websites use this plugin to improve their rankings. The plugin helps you to optimize your site for search engines without technical knowledge or hiring an expert. It allows you to feature meta tags, open graph tags, XML sitemaps, breadcrumb navigation, and more.

It also has all the advanced features like smart schema markup, local SEO module, image SEO module, news & video sitemaps, IndexNow integration for faster content indexing, smart link assistant, and more. Besides that, All in One SEO Plugin provides a tool to conduct an SEO audit of your website and analyze your competitors. The plugin also offers a powerful redirection manager that you simply can use to fix broken links on your site and boost your SEO.

[button color="red" size="medium" link="https://wordpress.org/plugins/all-in-one-seo-pack/" icon="" target="true" nofollow="false"]All in One SEO Plugin[/button]

4) OptinMonster

OptinMonster is the best WordPress popup plugin and therefore the #1 lead generation tool available within the market. It allows you to grow your email list, boost subscriptions, and find more conversions. You can create beautiful signup/ login forms without hiring developers.

OptinMonster allows you to feature signup forms within the sidebar, after content, slide-in forms, lightbox popups, display a floating bar, and add countdown timer widgets. It also comes with built-in analytics and testing to improve your lead generation efforts. Its signature Exit-Intent technology helps you convert visitors just before they're about to leave your website.

[button color="red" size="medium" link="https://wordpress.org/plugins/optinmonster/" icon="" target="true" nofollow="false"]OptinMonster Plugin[/button]

5) MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is the best analytics solution for WordPress, and it helps you track the performance of your website. MonsterInsights is the best analytics plugin for WordPress sites, and it helps your analytics data on your site performance. As a marketer, you'll see which campaigns are working the most effective by looking for where your visitors are coming from.

You now not should rely on your best guess to see what’s working and what’s not. With MonsterInsights, you'll uncover insights to grow your business by connecting Google Analytics with WordPress.

For instance, it automatically tracks outbound link clicks, affiliate link clicks, and file downloads. This shows how people are interacting with your website. Plus, it'll also help track form conversions, eCommerce performance, and more. Using the plugin, you'll be able to also see stats inside your WordPress dashboard. It helps in quickly glancing at your site’s performance without having to go away from your website.

[button color="red" size="medium" link="https://wordpress.org/plugins/google-analytics-for-wordpress/" icon="" target="true" nofollow="false"]MonsterInsights Plugin[/button]

6) PushEngage

Want to send targeted messages to your website visitors whether or not they’re not currently browsing your site? you'll be able to try this with PushEngage. PushEngage is the best mobile phone and web push notification service in the market. With this tool, you'll be able to send web push notifications to drive users back to your website, boost engagement and increase sales. you'll be able to send notifications for new blog posts, product announcements, cart abandonment, and more. PushEngage is super easy to set up. Plus, it comes with powerful features like A/ B testing, dynamic segmentation, goal tracking, and analytics so you'll ensure your web push notification campaigns are a success.

[button color="red" size="medium" link="https://wordpress.org/plugins/pushengage/" icon="" target="true" nofollow="false"]PushEngage Plugin[/button]

7) WPForms

WPForms is the earliest friendly contact form WordPress plugin. It lets you quickly create beautiful forms and add them to your WordPress website. WPForms is a simple drag and drop form builder plugin and you can also use its built-in templates. You'll be able to create any type of form with just some clicks and don’t need to touch a single line of code.

Over 5+ million websites use WPForms because it contains advanced features that marketers love like form abandonment detection, conversational forms, user journey reports, geolocation insights, smart data routing, user segmentation, conditional logic and more. As a marketer, you'll be able to use WPForms to stay in-tuned along with your visitors. you'll be able to create forms to urge their feedback, conduct surveys, and help them resolve their queries.

[button color="red" size="medium" link="https://wordpress.org/plugins/wpforms-lite/" icon="" target="true" nofollow="false"]WPForms Plugin[/button]

8) Revive Old Posts

This is a great plugin for Revive old posts if you are running a blog. Don't waste your old blog posts. They still have lots of marketing juice! With Revive Old Posts, you'll be able to automatically share your older blog posts on your social media outlets, keeping them in circulation. Once you've configured this plugin on your site, it does the rest for you.

Once you set it up, it does the rest for you. It’s the right way to stay consistent and relevant online.

[button color="red" size="medium" link="https://wordpress.org/plugins/tweet-old-post/" icon="" target="true" nofollow="false"]Revive Old Posts Plugin[/button]

9) Schema Pro

Every website owner wants to stand out from the gang in search engines. Schema Pro lets help you mark up your content without hiring a developer. This plugin produces eye-catching page results in search engines, which helps in improving the clicking Through Rate for your website. It can easily apply markups like Books, FAQs, Events, Local businesses and much more.

[button color="red" size="medium" link="https://wpschema.com/" icon="" target="true" nofollow="false"]Schema Pro Plugin[/button]

10) Beaver Builder

One of the most effective WordPress page builder plugins, Beaver Builder allows you to effortlessly create landing pages with no coding skills. The drag and drop interface helps you to mix and match widgets, content blocks, and other advanced elements. With dozens of templates to choose from, you’ll be able to rock in only minutes. Simply add your own content and get able to make some sales.

[button color="red" size="medium" link="https://wordpress.org/plugins/beaver-builder-lite-version/" icon="" target="true" nofollow="false"]Beaver Builder Plugin[/button]

11) Jetpack

Jetpack is a WordPress digital marketing tool that has analytics, integration, SEO tools, and more. WordPress actually makes the Jetpack WordPress plugin. it'll help you automate your site’s security, performance, and site management.

Most importantly, it's the additional benefit of automating security for your WordPress site, with features like attack prevention, site backup, malware scanning, secure login, spam filtering, and more.

[button color="red" size="medium" link="https://wordpress.org/plugins/jetpack/" icon="" target="true" nofollow="false"]Jetpack Plugin[/button]

12) Grammarly

Grammarly is a digital marketing WordPress plugin that brings great grammar tools directly to your WordPress website. This WordPress digital marketing plugin may be a useful writing assistant that may make sure your content marketing is top-notch.

The plugin detects possible errors in spelling, word choice and more. It even detects stylistic mistakes in your writing.

[button color="red" size="medium" link="https://app.grammarly.com/" icon="" target="true" nofollow="false"]Grammarly[/button]

13) Canva

Canva is an incredibly great tool for designing various graphics for all of your graphic needs, and they also offer a WordPress digital marketing plugin so you'll be able to create these graphics from the comfort of your own WordPress site. Use Canva’s millions of images, layouts, graphics and more to make beautiful images for your website.

Then, when you’re ready, the design is automatically inserted into your WordPress post. This will allow you to create a beautiful, engaging post or website more easily than ever before.

[button color="red" size="medium" link="https://www.canva.com/" icon="" target="true" nofollow="false"]Canva[/button]

14) Click To Tweet

Transform your blog or site content into a Tweetable Moment with Callout Formatting using the Click to Tweet Plugin. This plugin allows visitors to your WordPress site to easily Tweet out your content thanks to the easy and efficient “click to Tweet” buttons which will appear on your posts and pages, and are in line with your content.

For one thing, this social sharing plugin turns your readers into engaged sharers, giving your brand the power to reach a bigger audience and drive traffic to your WordPress site.

[button color="red" size="medium" link="https://wordpress.org/plugins/click-to-tweet/" icon="" target="true" nofollow="false"]Click To Tweet plugin[/button]

15) TrustPulse

TrustPlus plugin is the best social proof for WordPress. It helps you boost your site’s conversions by leveraging social proof. You can display the newest customer interactions on your website as social proof, like buying a product or subscribing to your newsletter.

This helps you leverage FOMO and find more sales. The plugin is super easy to use, and you'll be able to customize the notifications for your audience. It also comes with smart targeting, which allows you to control when and to whom the notifications will be shown.

[button color="red" size="medium" link="https://wordpress.org/plugins/trustpulse-api/" icon="" target="true" nofollow="false"]TrustPlus plugin[/button]


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