5 Important Factors to Consider Before Shipping Cargo Through Containers


Do you plan to transport your cargo for the first time? Are you perplexed by the varied terms and regulations that apply when carrying cargo from A/ B on a worldwide scale? And if it happens to be your first time, you want to be worrying more. When shipping your items, you need to make sure that they reach on time, within the correct location, and in the flawless condition in line with your company’s specifications.


Here are the five most important things to stay in mind before you begin your first shipping experience. When shipping your goods, you wish to make sure that they arrive on time, within the right location and in perfect condition to match your business standards. At Twill we are the trusted logistics partner you wish to begin shipping your cargo, specialising in your needs as a small- or medium-sized business.

That’s why we've got listed the five most important things you must know before shipping for the first time.


What type of things are you about to ship by container?

First, it's essential to consider the type of commodity you would like to ship. for a few types of cargo, you may need additional documentation. Do you doubt what documents are required when shipping for the first time?


  • What kind of product is it?

  • Is there a requirement for cooling?

  • Is it deemed dangerous freight?

What are the quantity and dimensions?

Multiple stakeholders are engaged within the supply chain. It can complicate your logistical operations. Consequently, the type of product you're transporting will frequently dictate the logistics provider which will best meet your demands. Before attempting to send your cargo, you want to determine its number and dimensions. It means you want to evaluate these three factors below:


  • The number of cartons or pallets

  • Overall weight

  • Total size


The size and weight of your delivery can affect your final costs. Larger, longer and heavier shipments may require additional space hence you'll expect additional surcharges to look on top of common services charges.

If you would like to transport smaller packages, a courier can be a far better option for you as we don't yet offer the transport of single small packages at Twill. If you can't fill a container you may be looking for Container Load (LCL). LCL is relevant when space within the container is split between orders and/or shippers. At Twill we don't offer LCL yet.


Where are you shipping to and from?

The next step is to determine where you want to ship. Ultimately, the shipping distance will affect the total freight cost. Do you want to deliver your freight from door to door? Does one wish to transfer your cargo across oceans and continents?


Then you need an end-to-end logistics provider that offers both inland and ocean freight transport. There are many online logistics booking services that may help you with the entire process. The actual destination of your shipment also affects your demand for insurance and customs services. These additional services vary supported whether you're shipping within a country or in-between countries.

What is your time plan?

In this step, you've got to prepare a time schedule. Know when your things are expected to arrive at their destination. What if unexpected delays occur? as an example, as busy seasons like Christmas time, Golden Week, or the Chinese year approaches, You need to account for longer wait periods.


Therefore, when shipping for the first time, make sure you've got a specific timeline at hand. However, if you want to transport larger volumes of cargo, Ocean Transportation is the best choice. At Towel, we offer your sea and inland transportation to deliver your cargo from door to door or from port to port.

How much will your container’s transport cost?

There are several costs associated with transportation. Basically, the mode of transportation will determine your price. The Incoterms are a starting point for determining who pays those components of your transportation expenditures.


Whether you're preparing a bill of lading, a customs invoice, or a certificate of origin at a port, Incoterms will guide you. With Twill you may have instant and transparent pricing that has you full visibility of your price breakdown upfront. Get flexible and competitive price goods on the spot or in advance. With no unpleasant surprises, you'll be able to make the right decision for your cargo, giving you peace of mind.


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