Features Of Pubg Mobile APK That Make It The Best Multiplayer Battle Ground Game

PUBG Mobile has become the most played and top-rated game in the world today. Its popularity will be known by the number of downloads it's gained in several years. Today, almost everyone in the world is playing PUBG. The best thing about the game is its ability to create the mind fresh.

Once you begin playing the game there's no going back. PUBG offers one of the most effective HD graphics and the developers of the game are regularly adding new features through updates to stay the interest of the game on top. PUBG is played in single, duo, and squad formats which mean there's double enjoyment after you add your friends too and play the game. If you would like to get more extra features and need more premium features then can try PUBG mobile download hack on your android smartphone.

With regular new updates, the game adds new modes, vehicles, weapons and more every day.

Since the popularity of the game has gone to a different level, there are big investments within the game, and the big international events held are backed by big companies.

Many gaming streamers are also showing off their skills by adding something to their game. Adding and updating new features is part of the program. During this article, We are going to discuss some new features that keep PUBG ahead of other games.


Features Of Pubg Mobile APK:

  • Optimized M249 Gun: The PUBG player knows how good and powerful the M249 gun. It is often said that the best LMG that the game has. In the 1.4 updates, M249 has made lots of changes and now it is optimized. The ammunition capacity of the M249 has been increased from 70 to 150+ when you install an extension magazine. In addition, players can now attach tactical stock that makes the gun balanced and stable for medium-range spraying.

  • Achievement Settings: The developers of PUBG have now changed the user interface of the Success menu. Many of the useless achievements that the game wont to give before have now been eliminated. Besides all this, players can now compete with their friends for gaining more achievement points within the game.

  • Pistol Optimization: Within the recent update, there are lots of changes in pistols. the hearth rate of R1895 has been increased with better damage. Besides this pistol, damage to R45 and P1911 have also been increased. this suggests while you play a rush game and also the enemy is before you, these pistols are enough to knock them.

  • Top Vehicle: one of the most effective and most interesting features of the PUBG 1.4 update is the new Coupe RB vehicle. This vehicle is available on all maps such as Erangel, Sanhok and Miramar. the only drawback that we found during this vehicle is that, if you're playing in an exceeding squad and rushing for a car then this car has just two seats. Besides all this, the car is great and has a top speed of 150Km/hr making it one of the fastest cars of PUBG.

  • New Aim Mode: Within the 1.4 updates, a new aim setting has been introduced within the game. The name of this update is called over-the-shoulder aim setting and it may be adjusted in both TPP and FPP. If players want to use this mode then they will activate the OTS button from the settings. OTS allows users to get better accuracy but slows down the player's movement. Players may control the sensitivity from the settings menu.


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