How Can I Write My Dissertation Faster and Simpler?

Upon consideration of the cognitive load involved in creating a dissertation, it is not surprising that many students struggle to focus on their research. A typical student spends around a year working on their research project and it’s common for them to take advantage of academic writing services like Somebody Write My Dissertation cheap.

Here are some of the reasons why your dissertation might be this long. Some students cannot focus for long periods of time, while other students feel that they can't get enough data from their sources.

What We Should Focus On When Writing Dissertation

During a research project, there are phrases such as planning, research, writing and editing. A dissertation can be an immense task for many students and that often leads to a loss of motivation.

It becomes difficult for PhD candidates to stay motivated once they are introduced to the large task of a research project. They plan to complete it in a month or two and often lose motivation in the middle, which is why there are many phases. Planning, researching, writing, and editing; all these steps can be more daunting than first anticipated.

You must overcome your challenges, no matter how difficult they may be. The results of your progress will be worth the hard work. Some obstacles you may face include.


Often students, under high pressure and stress, will say they can get the research project done in a month. However, when they start working on it, they end up procrastinating which leads to regretting the decision of doing it at the last minute.

This becomes a big problem in the long run since it takes months of work to complete a dissertation. To avoid procrastinating, you need to learn to push through difficult tasks and do them as soon as possible.

Too Much Research

You might not have enough time to research your topic when you're a student, but if you do spend time researching, then you'll know more.

Your research method should not be determined by how many research sources you need, but by how much time it takes to do the research. So give yourself enough time and extract information from every resource.

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Overcoming Poor Writing Skills

Students must have excellent writing skills to translate their thoughts. A dissertation comes with strict scholarly writing standards. So there is no margin for errors and poor writing approaches. Even a relatively unattractive topic works well if you write it in the proper structure, style, and language. Thus, make sure your writing skills match the criteria for academic writing a project. Or you can hire professional academic writers to do that for you.

Students need excellent writing skills to effectively translate their ideas for audiences. With rigorous academic rules, there is no room for mistakes or sloppy writing styles. Even a poorly chosen topic can work if you structure it properly and write it in the appropriate style. For this reason, make sure that you can write in the field of your project, or find an academic writer who can do it for you.

Write A Dissertation Faster

If you are thinking to complete a dissertation in two weeks, it is not possible. Completing the task in a month is the best-case scenario. A person can write 2,000 words per day which become 12,000 in a dissertation's word count. Because of this, if you could focus on writing only, it could be completed at the pace of one week. However, research projects also include different phases of work such as researching and editing.

If you follow a good plan, you'll complete your research project within a month. With sufficient effort, you will be able to finish the project in just one month.

In addition, you can create a dissertation in a simple and quick way. This article should be all that you need to do it faster. However, remember that if you want to complete the research faster, there will be less or no space for entertainment. Here is a step-by-step guide to writing your dissertation quickly.

Identify Dissertation Requirements

Students can reduce obstacles (like having to alter research to their school's specifications) by considering all of the requirements from the beginning.

Most students neglect this factor, but there are certain requirements that need to be considered. For example, some schools may request alterations from a piece of research work. It is important to be thoughtful of all the details when completing your work.

Choose a dissertation topic that's interesting

Choosing an appropriate, challenging topic for academic research will help in the long term as it can make the process of writing easier.

Good topic selection is vital - often students tend to rush into it and make topics out of their domain, which makes the research project a whole lot more difficult.

It is important to know what type of research you will be conducting beforehand because there are different methods for this. For example, you can choose between quantitative or qualitative.

Plan for your dissertation

The study found that by simply assigning different days to different sections of a dissertation, it can be written in a month. For example, devote a week to gathering data and researching your research topic, two weeks to the methodology chapter, and one week for editing, proofreading, and citation.

Pressing shortcuts and making mistakes can cost you if you are working on a writing project that requires research. Be sure to plan your methodology by gathering all of the right information before you begin writing.

A plan will help you deal with your dissertation and reduce the workload. Keep in mind that you will still face difficulties when working this way, but it's a reasonable approach to reducing the amount of hard work.


It is now possible to complete your research project faster and in simpler ways. The information above works well with every standard of research, so whether you are a master’s or PhD student following the appropriate guide respectively can help ease the process. Remember that if you face a lot of struggles during the research process, you have options including getting help.


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