Top 10 Best File Sharing Software Systems

File sharing software is a necessity in today's business world as remote office work is becoming more popular. File sharing software allows you to send and receive files of every type, including documents, movies, and photos. It can be used for downloading media files from the internet and sharing project documents within organizations. File sharing software is becoming one of the most important office tools as workplace trends changes.

There are various methods to store and share files, including peer-to-peer networking, central servers on computer networks, online hyperlinked materials and manual sharing of transportable media. We have reviewed a number of file-sharing software programmes which you can use to find the one that suits your company best.

Document-based collaboration is a key component of business solutions intended to enable virtual teams to continue the production process and communicate 24/7. Employees regularly exchange files, which essentially drives their productivity.

1. WeaUpload

WeaUpload is an all-in-one file transfer software that is safe and appropriate for businesses of any size. Our review team rated it highly because of its standout features and good customer service. It's free to test out the goods with a free trial. WeaUpload offers many sophisticated sharing capabilities that are safe, and secure, and they have affordable payment options. It's easy to use even if you're new, so don't be afraid to give it a try if you're not sure.

WeaUpload offers more than basic file sharing through its diverse third-party integrations and adjustable settings. It is well known for staying secure with SSL/TLS encryption, granular permissions, and multi-level access authentication. WeaUpload helps you keep an archive of your documents and stay in control of its security by giving you enhanced customization capabilities.

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2. Encyro

With Encyro multi-purpose application, businesses can go ahead and send emails to anyone without worrying about the attachments or the information. The application can be set in 16 different levels of security, which includes automatic encryption.

Encyro is file-sharing software that saves time and allows for file management and transfer. It's also ideal for businesses in sectors that maintain compliance with regulatory bodies such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOX, Leach Bliley (GLB) Act and IRS Pub. 4557.

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3. Synology Drive

This private cloud storage system provides generous storage capabilities of up to hundreds of gigabytes. You’ll be able to access all of your material that is housed in team folders or your private area by utilizing Synology’s compatibility with web browsers and mobile devices. With Synology Drive, you can save large files to your personal cloud and access them from anywhere. It works with browsers and smartphones.

In addition to personal uses, Synology Drive is used in professional settings. Synology Office enables file collaboration between coworkers and simplifies tasks between teams, who would be able to alternate editing the same document. Additionally, Synology Drive synchronizes folders on multiple NAS drives.

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4. Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business is a great option for companies and enterprises because it's user-friendly and feature-rich like the individual version, but it also has more cost-saving benefits.

You can share your files with Dropbox and safely work with others on the team. Users have unlimited storage and good security, along with help of live assistance. All these features make it easy to use Dropbox for work.

Dropbox Business includes ample storage space, cutting-edge security measures, and live assistance. The software smoothly interacts with various existing business platforms to maintain total control over user activities and company information. Nearly 150,000 companies including household names like National Geographic, New Corp, Hyatt, Macmillan, and Yahoo rely on Dropbox Business for file sharing.

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5. Google Drive

Share your office documents, films, music and photos with your team through Google Drive. It is secure cloud storage that uses the latest data backup technology to keep your files safe.

The best file-sharing programs have the ability to back up your work and keep track of modifications. Google Drive is one of the better ones because it has a search engine that lets you find information based on an image or text. You can read more about Google Drive in our detailed review.

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6. Filemail

Filemail is the best choice for large files with no cost and a secure, unmatched transfer feature. The email or internet file-sharing mechanism provides unlimited downloads, recipients, and bandwidth. Uploading your large file to Filemail will be received in the same condition as when it was first sent. WeaUpload uses end-to-end data encryption, two-factor authentication, password protection, and virus scanning to transmit securely over the internet.

The Filemail service has features that let users keep track of the delivery of their files. Features include tracking who has viewed their files and where and when the file was downloaded. Filemail also allows embedding an uploader on your website, which allows uploading files without leaving the page.

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7. Egnyte

Another vendor who is leading the cloud storage market is Egnyte. They offer quick, safe, and dependable software that satisfies the needs of many leading companies worldwide. Businesses can use the vendor’s selection of practical features and adaptable pricing plans to improve company safety.

You can access your data on all devices, and seamlessly extract it and export it. Egnyte also interfaces with a variety of corporate systems, so depending on what your needs are, you can get an on-premise or SaaS version.

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8. Box

The Box is a file-sharing service that enables safe teamwork from any device. As of now, 50,000+ businesses use Box Box to manage and distribute files within their companies, including well-known names like Pandora, Boston Scientific, and GE.

The box is an online storage service that offers real-time document sharing and ensures compliance. Box employs security techniques and mobile security so users can safely store their files with the company. It also offers other features to ensure regulatory requirements are met. For additional information, click here for a review of Box services.

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9. SharePoint

SharePoint comes from Microsoft and you can use it to access, share, and manage documents. It integrates previously distinct applications for content management, intranet, extranet, personal cloud, enterprise social networking, and corporate intelligence.

SharePoint is an information hub that can also be used to create top-notch websites. It was first introduced in 2013 and has since been expanded, now functioning as a model cloud software utilised by many independent suppliers. Read our in-depth analysis of SharePoint for more details.

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10. SugarSync

SugarSync allows you to share and store files online, as well as backup your data securely in the cloud. SugarSync provides collaboration tools that enable companies to more effectively collaborate on projects.

SugarSync lets you sync documents across many devices, so even if changes are made to a file on one device, people have access to the updated version of the document on other devices. The number of devices supported by SugarSync ranges from phones to laptops. There is no limit to where or when you can use SugarSync.

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