Top 4 Proven Benefits Of Bubble Tea

Bubble tea is a tea-based beverage which has spread quickly, becoming a favourite among adults. Its sweet taste and unique ingredients are currently being enjoyed by more than just Taiwanese school children.

The main ingredient in "bubble tea" is tapioca balls, otherwise known as boba. Bubble tea originated in Taiwan and has become popular in the United States, Europe, and Canada.

Boba tea is a combination of different fruit flavours with milk, served over ice giving you a slushy or smoothie consistency. The most famous type is bubble milk tea which is a mix of milk and any fruit flavour.

With so many possible combinations of ingredients, it is easy to find unique and healthy bubble tea. You can use different amounts of milk, choose strawberry jelly or tapioca pearls, and try a different combination of tea options.

Different Types of Bubble Tea

  • Fruit-Flavoured:
    Fruit-flavoured teas are made with strawberries, mangos, green apples, lychee, watermelons, grapes, pineapples, bananas, and cantaloupes.

  • Hybrid Fruit Milk Teas:
    Hybrids use a mix of fruits, jellies, and milk for delicious enjoyment. They can be customized and enjoyed as desired!

  • Milk Teas:
    There are different versions of milk that you can use for bubble tea. Condensed milk, non-dairy creamer, soy milk, low-fat milk, coconut milk and almond milk can be used in place of regular milk.

Taste Of Bubble Tea

The taste of bubble tea is based largely on the flavours of the tea and fruit that you mix together to make it. There are many different options out there, each of which has its own unique flavours.

4 Benefits Of Bubble Tea

1. Boost Energy

With heavy amounts of sugar, as well as caffeine, bubble tea can provide a major boost in energy. However, too much consumption could lead to negative side effects such as weight gain and hypoglycemia. A healthier option with less sugar and calories will still provide the same kickstart to your metabolism.

2. Bubble Tea Negative Side Effects

This tea has side effects that can be dangerous and may not be healthy for many people.

Weight Gain: Drinking bubble tea may result in weight gain because of the juice/milk/sugar used in the drink. You can count on 350+ calories per serving if you use fruit syrup, sweetened condensed milk, and tapioca balls to blend with a glass of bubble tea.

Diabetes: Tapioca balls are high in sugar, and can lead to a high blood sugar level; this is not recommended for people with diabetes or at high risk for developing the condition.

3. Strengthen The Immune System

Green tea, a frequent flavour of bubble tea, contains potent antioxidants such as catechins and polyphenols. These can help boost your immune system by preventing oxidative stress. Additionally, if you choose fresh fruits in your bubble tea such as mango, strawberry or kiwi, you will also get a dose of vitamin C in your drink, meaning even more immunity booster.

4. Prevent Free Radical Damage

Studies need to be done, but the polyphenols and epigallocatechin found in green bubble tea can have positive effects on free radicals. Too much free radical activity has been linked to mutation, which could lead to chronic diseases and cancer.

A sugar-rich diet can harm your cardiovascular health, but a boba tea with counteracting healthy components may help reduce this risk.

One will negate these health benefits if one drinks a sugar-rich, calorie-heavy bubble tea. Suggested DIY versions may be healthier and help you enjoy any of these benefits.


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