Youtube Vs TikTok: Which One is Best for Marketing

With an app like TikTok, video is the new social media. There has been a lot of competition for every social network to offer short-form videos on their own platforms.

You can do many things online that you can't do in the real world. The internet has provided a lot of opportunities for businesses to reach out to their customers and make sales. Entrepreneurs have many questions about YouTube vs TikTok.

There is the best platform for marketing. It depends on what you are trying to do and the type of content you are publishing. If you want to promote your videos, use a site like Youtube. If you want to get likes on TikTok, use that platform instead.

YouTube Vs TikTok

Video Marketing is growing in popularity and becoming more mainstream, although it is still a work in progress. Combined with company websites, social media channels, email campaigns, TV promotions and product placements, even the world's largest companies are now turning to video marketing.

Videos are an important marketing tool that has grown in popularity. Influencers and content creators generate videos to showcase brands, and these videos can easily be shared through social media networks.

To spread awareness about your brand and boost your campaigns, you need to invest in the right platform. The pros and cons of each platform will help you choose which one is the best for your marketing.

Platforms differ in what type of video marketing they’re suited for. You must consider the benefits and disadvantages of each platform to make sure you choose the right one for your marketing efforts.

YouTube and TikTok are both good platforms for your business. You should start by choosing whether you want to promote your brand on YouTube or TikTok, then try out some of the tips below for each category.

Watch videos on TikTok and YouTube

Before you start uploading videos to both YouTube and TikTok, first watch a lot of other brands' videos on both platforms. Look at the types of videos that brands share on YouTube vs TikTok. Check out the performance of those videos. Record anything you find in an Excel spreadsheet.

You just want to see which platform is better for a specific brand's content, so do some research. There are already many TikTok stars who are worth watching and learning from them. Based on this analysis, you can make your strategy related to whether or not to prioritize YouTube or TikTok depending on the type of content you want to create for each platform.

What YouTube TikTok means for marketers

YouTube is a popular source of entertainment, with over 223 million active viewers. This provides content creators with a large pool of potential customers to advertise to. YouTube plans to continue bringing in revenue by selling ads, especially since internet services such as Spectrum are growing.

The sole market for TikTok is the United States, with 130M active users and $500M in revenue. TikTok has a small presence compared to competitor YouTube.

So YouTube is scrambling to release shorter content that attracts audiences who are 16-24. Though these people make up roughly 28% of dedicated viewers on YouTube, it is TikTok, a social video-sharing app, that captures 60% of this audience.

We need to invest in the future. 16-24 year-olds are becoming a part of the market. They are making income and they are starting to become a consumer that advertisers want. YouTube is going to do what advertisers wanted because they have billions in ad revenue from earlier. TikTok is doing everything to retain an audience and perhaps attract a different segment. And responding to the needs means going deeper into medium to long video territory where YouTube is already at.

Marketers can diffuse content across a greater number of distribution channels and even advertise. Marketers will have better access to customers.

Inspiring Marketing

Now that we have lots of channels and audiences, speaking about how to reach those audiences.

Influencer advertising is popular with 16-24-year-olds because they were raised on social media. TikTok has 3.1M influencers with over 1000 followers and YouTube’s numbers are harder to gauge, but Mediakix estimates there are between 1.5M and 5M YouTube influencer accounts.

TikTok has a lot of the same influencers that YouTube has. TikTok would not be one of the most popular apps if it was not measuring up to YouTube, but they do!

With a new abundance of advertising platforms, marketers are having more options to choose from. You can also pick influencers based on the platforms that are relevant to your company.

Marketers have a wider variety of options to choose from, with more influencers and channels. Marketers can narrow down their audience based on the type of influencer and platform to get the best ROI.

Social media has created a surplus of influencer and marketing content. According to supply and demand theory, the high number of influencers in this field means that the prices will eventually drop.

Differences Between YouTube and TikTok

If you are looking to create viral content, it is important to know the differences between TikTok and YouTube.

So, if you want to handle viral content, it’ll help to understand the differences between TikTok and YouTube. For both platforms, humour and creativity work well to generate an engaging audience and connect with them.


One last way you can use influencer marketing is by showing customers your products. With strong marketing channels and audiences that are used to shopping information from influencer ads, it’s an easy way to have a recognisable brand.

Marketing on multiple platforms is relatively low cost and is only expected to decrease with creativity tools. This competition will lead to a higher volume of creative content but lower prices which will lead to an increase in brand recognition.

Final Thoughts

So, where will things go? The future is uncertain and the landscape seems repetitive. Social networks are all similar, with the same video formats, and same influencers re-sharing the same content over and over. But one thing is for sure: there are no good marketing platforms available. Whatever you choose, the numbers look great; the audience is engaged and the performance is set to grow. Stay tuned!


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