How to Create a Social Media Manager Portfolio for Beginners

Do you feel confident enough to start creating a social media manager portfolio? With this guide, you'll know how to do it in no time!

So, we all know social media is the best and the most popular way to get your business, brand, or product out there for a wider audience is not an easy task and so many people try to do it but unfortunately, they don't have any knowledge of how to do it. That's why I decided to work on this article that would help you in learning more about social media management so that you can manage your social media accounts professionally without anyone else knowing what you are doing. Now let's see how you can create a social media manager portfolio by using two different ways.

What is a Social Media Manager Portfolio?

A social media manager's (SMM) portfolio contains everything he has worked on and knows, which includes his own website, blog, YouTube channel, Twitter account, Facebook page, Instagram profile, Google Profile, newsletter signup form and so much more. SMM's portfolios provide a great opportunity to show off their skills to potential customers and business partners and also be a reference to companies and individuals who will want to hire them.

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What Is The Difference Between Managers + Content Creators & Marketers?

Social Media is considered one of the hottest technology and it is constantly changing due to new platforms that emerge every day. This implies that when you start working on something you won't even know what your target audience is or what kind of videos will be posted on certain kinds of social media pages. As a result, this might make your social media content fall flat and become unpopular which may lead to losing the trust and respect of your audiences or companies in general. While having such high competition, you need to keep up because in case of failure when your campaign doesn't reach its goal and you are down with no means of success, your fans may turn against your brand or products. Your job is to find ways to connect with your audience and engage with them by providing them with valuable information as well as great service. By doing so, you can improve your online reputation and attract more people to your marketing campaigns.

Create An Account Of Your Company On

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • Pinterest

  • And more

Blogger (if you don't write about something else)

There are lots of social media management resources available on the web, such as WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr. You should know all the different ways to manage your accounts, and you should know how to create and maintain one. But first, you have to identify where to post it. There are two main categories, which are direct and reverse profiles. Direct profiles are posts and events and updates that aren't related to the current event or new product. Reverse profiles are often used by influencers to promote their products (especially when the topic is controversial). So, it becomes less about your brand or message and more about telling others about the things you've done or achieved.

Now that you know how to set up your social media pages for businesses, let's talk about how to use them professionally. Here's how social media managers have to go about posting content:

1. Donate Your Post URL In The Comment Box

If you have a dedicated page for the same topic, create a comment box and copy the URL of your post. Send the link to whoever sent the original request and ask them to repost the original post. This is commonly known as "post linking." All it needs to do is put the link on another social media platform (like LinkedIn, Tumblr, and even Facebook Page), so everyone can see what you'd like to show.

Once they click on the link, they're redirected to your post. That way, anyone reading your post can now view the information and find information on your company and its services. If you don't believe me, we live in the 21st century, and people still use the olden days when having an opinion was the worst sin. Maybe not anymore. Nevertheless, sharing our thoughts is always healthy.

2. Set Up Multiple Pages

To share a post, don't just open a single post at the top of the screen. Instead, open multiple posts on separate screens, which makes your life easier. By adding images and posts to each other. Then, create a header and add links to the actual article! And finally, set the navigation menu to stay on top of all your posts. This is called "post navigation".

As far as possible, use the navigation function. Not only does it help us reach more relevant posts, but it helps us find something to go on right away, without losing much time. We often confuse the word "menu" for "menu". We all know, that "menu" is a word in Portuguese, and you can translate it as "menu." But that's not correct. Just think of a simple language you're fluent in, like Portuguese, and apply it here too.

3. Add New Posts Through Comments

In order to encourage people to repost your post, you could simply say in the comments that it is cool and that you'll appreciate the work you've made. And this is exactly how most of you would like to be treated. However, people who have millions of fans usually dislike the same stuff as they like, and therefore, sometimes post it in another form, to avoid losing their audience.

To avoid this mistake, you can make comments on your posts through your account. There will always be comments on a particular subject and topic. People do not prefer to comment on random posts. Only you will understand how they feel, which is why you cannot use the comment feature to delete it. Use the comment feature to encourage people to comment on your posts.

When they say something negative or bad about themselves, comment on it and tell them what they said. It's easy and fun. And in addition to comments, you can include stickers, gifs, and memes too!

4. Start Sharing Relevant Images

If you want to grow your followers quickly, you must show them real-life examples to support that claim. What are the real-life situations where that happened? Tell people what your customers did. Give credit to those whose hard work helped you improve and change the world.

Encourage people to spread their ideas by using the power of visuals and making them feel real. Also, let your photos be creative. Show the whole side of you, not just your parts. This is what every aspiring social media manager should do.

5. Ask Questions And Follow Their Responses

People share pictures and videos on Instagram in response to specific hashtags. But it doesn't mean that the image would be as good without asking questions. Be kind and respectful to this. Even if you think the picture is unprofessional, ask your viewers to take it and respond in a positive manner too.

If they say something nice, you've hit the mark. Because people love to show off how much they're proud of themselves. So post what you're most proud of, post what you've done, and tell people how happy you are. Take screenshots or take notes, whatever works.

More than anything, you want to know what kind of person they're behind the photo, so show that in every picture you post.

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6. Invite Others To Engage

Invite people to engage. After talking about their plans with their friends before, invite everyone to follow and listen to the conversation. You want to create engagement in your social media marketing campaigns. Don't just leave up a generic message. Let your community and followers know what you really believe in.

And to be honest, nothing works better than inviting your followers to discuss your business with you. People are curious; they always want to know what their future possibilities might be.

7. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are everywhere nowadays. Most people search for hashtags to find information on different types of topics. Search engines want to show more relevant results to the users. But it's important to also use hashtags for your business because hashtags have become indispensable for social media.

To get more visibility and help you in connecting with like-minded individuals, include keywords like #businessmanager or @yourcompanyname, and tag them your business. Share your hashtag link on social media pages such as Instagram or LinkedIn. And to be honest, your Instagram and LinkedIn pages will look bigger and better than usual.

8. Include Videos

As well as using hashtags. One thing that the video can do is attract the attention of the user, and you need to pay extra attention to the quality. Try not to force the upload, instead, be authentic, natural, and straightforward. If you haven't been able to do it yet, you could hire experts to do it for you.

Make sure you don't oversell in front of your viewers. Share a video with your logo or a poster at an event or even an interview with the company that you're interviewing for. Or just tell your followers about your latest sale. Either way, there are many ways to use video. So don't be afraid to post them.

9. Find A Community Where Everyone Can Post

When I want to post something on Instagram, I follow a lot of people and even make videos. So, it becomes easier for me to share my content more widely. At the end of the day, Instagram allows thousands of people to see it. When I want to share some news about my organization in a video, I also have to contact a number of people (or several, depending on your budget).

So why don't you learn how to use Instagram to make money? Do you have some social media marketing tips that you're willing to share with us? Please share them with us! Our job's on it. Join us on this journey together!

What Are Some Tips To Consider While Creating A Better Strategy On Your Career Path?

Social media marketing provides a number of benefits in terms of ROI it offers and in return provides you with the following advantages:

Social Networking Is Very Useful In Marketing Your Brand

Social networking allows you to directly communicate with your fans and followers on various social media accounts even if the person isn’t active on those pages. Once you engage with someone on this platform you can share important information about the company, its products, services, and any other relevant topics.

From simple posts like ‘Welcome to our Page’, you can always make inquiries, like why the client is looking for us to take care of the problem of their family, or how they intend to use the car for their trip. With social networks, you can never go wrong by approaching your clients and they too can learn more about your business or products and can give you feedback on everything.

Social Networks Increase Reach

Social networking is very useful because it gives a lot of opportunities to grow faster. When you post something on your official website, people will easily reach that page through all the links and also by searching on their phones, tablets, and laptops. Also, you can promote your company or your brand on multiple social media pages to increase your chances of visibility and sales.

Social media can help you develop stronger connections with your influencers and community

Social media is a great place where people can discuss and discuss important issues related to business, lifestyle, politics, and anything concerning social life. If you want to build strong relationships with your stakeholders you need to work closely with them or collaborate with them. That's why collaborations are crucial for successful businesses and communities.

Social Media Benefits And Resources

Social media is very useful both at home and work as social media managers need to know the tools and strategies to effectively use them. Here are some resources in order to succeed in a career in social media:

Social media analytics can be beneficial for small businesses as it is very easy to analyze your performance and see if your campaigns were successful or not. Businesses can find key points of contact between their competitors and see if they got any positive feedback and how it could be improved.

Social networks can be a good source of ideas and opinions from others, especially from professionals who share their insights on social media because you can easily refer to these experts by sending your request to them. Just like this, a social media manager needs to be aware of what's happening within your industry in order to stay ahead.

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Social media is not just limited to posting updates, posts, or sharing funny moments. New features and trends in social networking can make your brand look cooler.

Social media is an important part of running a business. These tools can be used in a range of scenarios, ranging from promoting your offerings to keeping your brand updated.

Social media can be a huge part of being a business owner. They can make customers feel great about you. Through social media platforms, you can interact with them and engage with them. By doing so, you can stay ahead and keep your audience up-to-date with your latest developments.

Social media is a fantastic tool and it makes a whole lot of things convenient. It helps you connect with your team, friends, communities, and others. It can help you to understand the demands of the market and keep up with upcoming changes. Since social media is not only useful today but it is also flexible enough to adapt to future needs so as to remain competitive.


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