7 YouTube Tips and Tricks to Grow Your Business

By Alex Marshall – Content Marketing Manager at Simex Software Solutions

YouTube is the most popular tool in the world, used by your business to reach a wider audience and grow your customer base. With over 2 and a half billion monthly active users, YouTube provides businesses with a massive platform on which to share their products, services, knowledge, or videos online.

For your business to succeed in this competitive market, you need to make sure that you have an engaged social media presence where the people you want to attract are already looking for your company’s offerings. Let me help you achieve this! Here are seven handy tips and tricks you can incorporate into your marketing strategy so that people from all walks of life find your YouTube channel.

1. Create A Channel Name That People Can Remember

The first thing you must do if you want any chance of growing your following is to create a high-quality profile on your chosen website and get yourself seen by potential customers. But how? One simple idea would be to think about creating a username that is specific to a particular product, service, or brand. For example, ‘simex software solutions, rather than using all caps or something generic like ‘simex’.

Doing that will only increase your chances of getting noticed by people who might consider working with your company, while also giving them a good reason to remember you. Once you create such a new username, go ahead and put together some video content. Make it interesting, witty, and engaging, without making it too wordy. Keep things conversational, interesting, and personal. Remember to keep the name short and simple. When people look up your channel name, they will probably remember what you said within minutes.

2. Include Subscribers In The First Line Of Comments On Videos You Upload

After uploading the video you feel has been received well by your targeted audience, it will be more than likely that you will receive comments from other viewers. If you have not uploaded a reply to those comments, you should. This action will serve as proof to your potential followers and clients that you care enough to respond to people’s inquiries.

Also, doing so shows that you understand the importance of having strong relationships with your prospects and potential clients. It helps to build trust, hence increasing your chances of being taken seriously. As an added benefit, it demonstrates that you value them enough to respond to them quickly and effectively. So, include subscribers in the line of comments whenever possible.

3. Write an Engaging Description That Makes Use Of Both Anaphora And Paragraph Structure

In writing, using both anaphora and paragraph structure is key when trying to capture your target audience’s attention. While anaphora helps keep your message succinct, it requires repetition and may leave out certain words. Using the same language when addressing potential leads, rather than being vague, will ensure a clear understanding of your messages.

Adding phrases like “would you mind asking?”, “Do you want to know about…” etc., strengthen the communication between the two parties. You can also add emojis, especially gifs; they will enhance the user experience. The overall process of writing a description is important to ensure you communicate effectively. However, the goal here is to make it engaging as much as possible. What works best might change based on the person’s likes and preferences. So, experiment with different techniques and try them out until you find what suits you best.

4. Avoid Spammy Campaign Promotions

One way to avoid spammy campaign promotions is to ensure authenticity and credibility. Before sharing promotional information, first, validate whether it’s true. Do some research and ask potential clients to give you their names and contact details. After verifying the facts, you can then decide if there is anything about the promotion that does not align with your goals and objectives.

Instead of promoting a product/service using false claims, use verified reviews and testimonials to prove its legitimacy. Additionally, read through the descriptions of competitors before deciding which ones to emulate. Research which types of offers perform better and gauge if your approach is more effective. Ultimately, no matter how you choose to promote your own products, the most successful businesses focus on building real connections with their consumers. It’s hard work but worth it!

5. Post Frequent Quality Images Or Infographics That Have Interesting Information About Products

As mentioned earlier, images are one of the strongest tools when it comes to establishing quality relationships with prospective clients. Therefore, you need to be consistent with posting quality content, no matter how few people see or view it. Don’t forget to keep track of the number of views your image receives, as this will tell you how relevant you get in front of your ideal client.

Another important consideration is keeping tabs on clicks and engagement rates. Analyzing these metrics will show you how many people clicked the picture or liked the post in question. Being active throughout the day is also crucial to keeping your audience engaged and growing. Ideally, it’s best to check on posts several times a day rather than waiting till early morning, since this method allows visitors to have ample time before returning to your page.

Just make sure to optimize performance by implementing a schedule for each user. At least once every 24 hours, unless otherwise agreed upon by your team or clients.

6. Try Different Hashtags To Generate More Traffic From Relevant Search Results

Nowadays, hashtags can be used as part of the meta tags on your posts. They assist in ranking search results, and helping people locate content based on interests. Some popular ways for generating traffic from Hashtags are liking, retweeting, and re-posting. It helps in targeting a broad range of audiences and provides additional traction for future outreach efforts. However, don’t let your enthusiasm for tagging stop after just one hashtag. Mixing up your keywords in multiple combinations will help generate the maximum amount of traffic.

Try adding a mix of local and international hashtags by including terms related to your industry, location, and even age group. These tags should be relevant and descriptive enough to provide a sense of belonging to the niche within which your firm falls. Then, ensure maximum exposure. Ensure to stay active on platforms relevant to your target audience.

Take advantage of opportunities to engage with potential partners and customers by responding to comments left by people, tagging influencers, and reposting posts that reflect your current branding and tone of voice.

7. Add Emoji (Customizable) Tags So Users Can Easily Find Them Via Mobile Devices

While memes are great when done right, they can quickly lose their meaning if done poorly. Since mobile devices have become integral to our daily lives, using emojis is fast becoming a standard feature across Instagram and Snapchat apps. Even though emojis are usually associated with cute animals, humans can easily interpret them as positive gestures.

For instance, adding love heart symbols on photos to represent romantic feelings can help people identify themselves with the person in the photo. Similarly, emoji signs (Emoji and GIF flags) can be used in place of emojis when we want to highlight a thought or phrase. You can also use funny emoticons such as laughing faces, smiley faces, and other similar expressions to showcase humor in your professional and business presentations.

The fun factor will come as a relief to your prospects and customers who have grown accustomed to seeing their faces in memes or other viral images. Moreover, it will definitely bring smiles to millions of kids around the world.


Social media has opened up greater opportunities for businesses. Social channels provide businesses with a platform where they can connect directly with their targeted audience who are actively searching for answers and recommendations regarding a given theme that matters to them.

Although it’s always recommended to remain authentic and credible on various platforms, businesses should try using strategies that resonate with their target market. Creating informative and unique content about your company is essential. Focus on staying consistent and posting regular updates, even when not getting massive attention.

Finally, make sure to use both anaphora and paragraph structures and make your posts interesting and interactive. Lastly, consider incorporating emojis to ensure simplicity and ease of use.


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